La Luciérnaga English Review

Original title: La Luciérnaga

International title : The Firefly

Director : Ana Maria Hermida

Duration : 88 minutes (1 h 28)

Casting :

    • Carolina Guerra : Lucia

    • Olga Segura : Mariana

    • Manuel José Chaves : Andres

    • Andrés Aranburo : Adrian

    • Pedro Luis Falla : El Pastuso

    • Luis Fernando Orozco : Padre Alberto

Synopsis : After the sudden death of her estranged brother, Lucia accidentally meets his fiancée and falls in love with her.


Warning, this movie review contains spoilers !


I/ Introduction


I would like to say before to describe the movie on it’s all length, it is very beautiful. The camera is always or almost placed in the right place, the lights and decorations are super well adjusted and the play of lights during the love scene is really superb! I personally find that the director Ana Maria Hermida has a lot of talent! The film doesn’t have a lot of negative points, but you know this review is my personal feel about the movie, there are things I’ll find negative while others don’t.


II / Scene by scene


The movie starts with a discussion between Lucia and Adrian that will be found at the end of it and then quickly the film begins the retrospective of the events in order to understand why we see these two characters sitting on the ground discussing their common future.

The retrospective begins and brings us to the marriage of Andres, Lucia’s brother and Mariana’s fiance. While discussing with his best friend the latter makes him a joke about women cougars, this joke was a little sexist and which one could have done without me. Andres announces to El Pastuso that he will try to talk with his sister Lucia, for invite her to his wedding. El Pastuso offers his help, but Andres is determined to go see his sister alone and we see him taking a picture, the camera only lingers for a few seconds on it while it is part of the construction of the film.

Then after a brief scene at the wedding, we follow his car, a red Mazda. We see the character focusing on the picture frame on the passenger seat, so concentrated that he doesn’t see a tricolor fire turning red and the accident happen. Unfortunately, Andres doesn’t come out alive and in my opinion this is the first moral of the film, always pay attention to what you do when you drive, an inattention like this can quickly become a nightmare, whatever you know what you do, the movie invites you to check over and over that you can do what you want to do without putting yourself in danger or risk the lives of other people. El Pastuso is warned by a call from Andres’s phone. And obviously it’s the drama, this horrible news tears the family and especially tears Mariana. And it is filmed with accuracy, as in real life, there is no over-interpretation as if it were a real death and how it is filmed really shows the talent of the director.

Mariana is so devastated by that, she runs away from the wedding and breaks down in the street as a car passes by without even paying attention. It’s a mistake for me in the movie. When you see someone falling to the ground, whatever the reason you stop to see what it isn’t going to and call the help if needed. Unless of course to be completely selfish. At the end of this one we see Mariana calling her mother to tell her that she will leave to her father’s home for few days.

It’s from here that we are interested in the second moral of the film, the acceptance of the death which is moreover the main subject of the film.

A few quick scenes follow each other, then we find ourselves in the funeral chamber with Lucia and Adrian. Lucia is alone in the death chamber while Adrian meets Mercedes who turns out to be Mariana’s mother. On the return of Lucia, Adrian gives her a quick explanatory speech about Mercedes and speaks to her about Mariana, interesting point to raise since apparently this last and Lucia don’t know each other. A few seconds later we find Mercedes giving Lucia a box that belonged to her brother whom he had left at her house, while Lucia begins to discover the contents of the box, Mercedes also gives her phone number without exchanging a word with Lucia out of respect. From Mercedes, Adrian can’t help but give his business card to Mercedes because he seems very interested in Mercedes position in her company and can subsequently get a job within it. It is a very inappropriate gesture that Mercedes notices and appreciates moderately. Adrian then asked for the Mercedes phone number card to Lucia in order to get it. Adrian hasn’t empathy for Lucia?

The next scene is rather short, it’s a flashback of Lucia. The latter is a dispute between the two characters, Lucia clearly explains to Andres that if he doesn’t come to see David, he will never see her again. Thanks to a well-placed camera, we understand that Andres is at the foot of the building of Lucia, but he refuses to come to see this famous David. I didn’t quite understand who David was, but I guess it’s their father because she talks about it soon after. In short, Lucia put “her threats” to execution and the two characters will never see again, alas. And Lucia is particularly terrible when she calls Andres a monster.

The next following, is the reverse of the one that has just passed very long, very hard to look at for me, this is a big scene in the cemetery. Adrian hold a quick discussion with El Pastuso, Adrian’s lying about Lucia’s health, he says she’s okay then that’s clearly not the case, that’s why El Pastuso will have a confused face, not understanding why Lucia leaves with the car. Again, Ana Maria Hermida knows extremely well filmed because the “capture” of this incomprehensible face is made through the departure of the car that we see pass before it, the scene only lasts a few seconds and yet, this face expressive is very important to me in this scene. The padre Alberto almost resumes the same expression blessing the coffin, it is especially disappointed that Lucia doesn’t attend the funeral.

Lucia stops at a red light, lost in her thoughts and that makes her a new flashback where she is seen with her brother when they were children. Both in suits, she in a disguise of bee and he in a gray of which I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is, maybe a mouse ? She is “woken up” by a young worker who looks very strangely to her brother when he was a child, which Lucia is very troubled by him.

The next scene is the scene of the discovery of the apartment of Andres, she returns with the gloves that she has to recover in the box that Mercedes gave to her earlier. She soon put on a jacket of the latter who was hanging on a coat rack and then taking a picture that corresponds to the previous flashback, which tears off a tear.

However, a sound comes out of her memories, for fear she is armed with a knife and is slowly heading towards the room, the light and the scenery are still subtly filmed, we can quickly guess that’s Mariana since her white wedding dress stands out very well from this dark atmosphere. However, the camera doesn’t reveal that’s Marianna until Lucia turns on the light of the room where they are, the camera remained blurry until then and is still a little until Marianna opens the eyes, make-up completely flowing by the tears she could have and she asks if it isn’t Andres because she doesn’t believe in his death, she falls out of bed after asking the question, Lucia, meanwhile, rushed to Mariana’s bedside, letting go of the knife she take a few seconds earlier, so this is the first encounter between the two women. Lucia is busy comforting Mariana, supporting her and even promises to never abandon her. She cries a little and announces to Adrian that she will stay on her brother’s apartment for few days, then she lies on the bed, take Mariana’s hand and still comfort her. She makes a gesture on Mariana’s head that makes him return a very short flashback of when she was a child, where she made the same gesture on the head of Andres while their father reads a book. It’s certainly the same day as the previous flashback since we see that she always wears her bee costume.

We are now in a supermarket, Mariana in a caddy and Lucia pushing this one. She do some shopping by starting to get a little acquaintance. Andres is almost part of all the sentences Mariana utters. Lucia asks how much time Mariana and Andres knew each other, she answers three years what Lucia repeats, making it clear that it was important for her and that will be explained later in the film.

Back to Andres’s apartment, she breakfasts, but Mariana leaves the table to go undressing, putting down the jacket that she was carrying she finds the photo of her meeting with Andres. Make her “lose her head” and make her cry. Lucia comes after a hesitation to comfort her, but Mariana is angry, pushing Lucia. Mariana don’t understand, don’t believe it. Mariana doesn’t seem to calm down and continues to “lose her head”, Lucia finds herself slapping Mariana so that she stops doing anything. Lucia is very disturbed by this gesture. Mariana begins to have trouble breathing with her wedding dress, so it’s naturally that Lucia comes to take off the latter. We see Mariana moving in underwear under the glance of Lucia who finds the photo that made “lose head” to Mariana.

Lucia keeps this picture in the next scene, Mariana arrives in the room where Lucia is. She apologizes for “losing her head”, which Lucia forgives. Mariana explains to Lucia that the photo that she holds dates from the day when she and Andres met. She explains that she fell in love with Andres because the latter was badly dressed. Lucia asks him if Andres was wearing a dress. She starts to explain her, Andres drives El Pastuso to the party and Andres had decided to stay. Then follows a new flashback, but this time it’s part of the memory of Mariana. We see the meeting between Andres and Mercedes, and the famous meeting between him and Mariana. It’s a thunderbolt, just look at the exchanged and sustained looks of the two characters. But also their smiles that are natural. Follows a small discussion around the dress. And now Andres wears Mariana’s dress. (Personally I really didn’t like this flashback scene I found it a little hurtful to me because I’m a transwoman, but I know nobody can make a safe movie for everyone). And then, the first kiss between them.

Quickly returning to the room, Lucia asks if Andres never spoke about her. Mariana explains that one sunday she and him had gone biking early in the morning and begins again a new flashback. Andres stops in front of the building of Lucia, seems embarrassed. Mariana asks him who lives here, he answers honestly by telling her that his sister, and that it was better to avoid ringing at her house, recalling the threats Lucia had given earlier.

The flashback continues, but on a completely different scene. We are at a birthday party of Andres. One quickly sees that Andres “drowns” him in alcohol certainly to forget his worries with his sister. The latter called him, leaving him a message that there would be a mass the next morning for their deceased father, and she wish him a happy birthday. Andres is depressed, carried away by the alcohol he asks if he is the worst boyfriend, then affirms that he is the worst little brother. He explains to Marianna that her mother died after giving birth to him and consequently Lucia hates him because of this, he repeats Lucia’s words, that he is a monster.

The flashback ends on that and we go back to Andres’s room, Lucia stretches out and Mariana asks if she should stop talking, which Lucia refuses. Mariana also stretches, begins the previously completed flashback. She explains that he woke up late, while the scene is in Andres’s car and that the latter opts for a rather sporty driving to catch up. The flashback continues, in the small chapel of Padre Alberto. Only the beginning of the mass is shown in the film, since we quickly see Lucia come to Padre Alberto to thank him for it. Padre Alberto expresses her kindness and explains that she shouldn’t hesitate to speak if she feels the need. So she talks about Andres. The next scene brings us into Andres’s car, which is still driving and which continues to have a sporty driving. However, it happens far too late instead of the mass. The flashback finishes on that, back in the room where Lucia resume her own words and designates herself as a monster. What Mariana denied after putting a cover on Lucia.

The phone rings, waking Lucia and then Mariana. It’s Adrian who announces that Mercedes has hired movers to put Andres’s business in a warehouse. The next scene is fast, it happens in the bathroom. Lucia takes a shower, but Mariana has human needs and the toilets are not in a separate room. Mariana seems embarrassed. Lucia finishes her shower, Mariana hands her a towel while continuing her small needs. Lucia wipes her feet before going out completely from the shower what Marianna notices and raises by saying that Andres did the same thing. Lucia wanted to answer, but was interrupted by the ringing of the front door meaning that the movers announced earlier had just arrived. Mariana leaves her occupations to go and open them. Mariana refuses the first time that one of the movers takes an object, then a second time, but Lucia asks her to let them take everything by coming to snuggle against her and comfort her, once again. All that remains is the bed and the picture of Lucia and Andres in suits when they were children.

The next scene takes place in a business, Mariana is at the cash register she joined by Lucia with candles, the latter shows one in particular. The first contacts and smiles between the two women are created in the course of this scene, they began to come closer. What doesn’t please the cashier who believes they are already a couple. Her homophobia is not clearly stated, but the way she looks at Lucia and Mariana isn’t misleading.

Back to the apartment, they exchange about Lucia’s childhood, precisely when she became the president of the high school because she bore the number ten. Lucia laughs and Mariana points out that she laughs like Andres. Lucia is uncomfortable, Mariana also noticesit  and asks her what isn’t going, Lucia refuses at first to talk to her, but after Mariana told her that she was the most important person in her life for the moment, Lucia explains that she would like to go back in time to be able to speak to Andres, just once, only one.

Mariana tells her that she has an idea, she returns with a notepad to Lucia and tells her to write a letter to Andres with imagining that he is there with them. After writing it, Mariana tells her to burn it, Lucia does it after refusing.

And here we are immersed in what I think is Lucia’s imagination, which sees her brother read the letter she has just written and burned. In parallel to this scene, there is another one with the two young women who begin to dance separately first and then in the arms of each other, thus continuing to bring them closer together.

In the early morning, Lucia calls Padre Alberto to speak with him. Lucia brings Mariana with her, after parking on the green grass of the chapel and getting out of her car, she offers Mariana to get out of the car to take and breathe fresh air. I love this scene very much and I particularly love the smile of Mariana at this proposal.

There follows a very long time between Padre Alberto and Lucia, explaining why she didn’t come to the funeral, but Padre Alberto explains that she needs to cry for her brother’s death as she cried for her father’s death. She tells him that it’s her fault and she will long for it and she doesn’t know how she can recover. Padre Alberto offers to pray with him for hier brother, which Lucia accepts.

Lucia leaves the chapel, finding Mariana lying on the ground to contemplate the sun through the fingers of her hand, finding a very beautiful smile from Mariana.

We find the two women in the car of Lucia, she stops to take flowers to a shopkeeper, then goes to the cemetery where Andres is buried what Mariana doesn’t accept at all. After a brief dispute between them, they are found now heading towards the tomb of Andres. Mariana takes advantage of the fact that Lucia lays the wreath of flowers bought earlier, she is very nervous and avoids as much as possible to be in front of the tomb of this one, but Lucia convinces her to come with her in front of the tomb. The scene is accompanied musically, making the viewer pass a more pleasant scene, for it must not be forgotten that it’s a cemetery and that in general the atmosphere there is not very sympathetic …

The next scene takes place in a barrestaurant between Lucia and Adrian. Lucia tells Adrian that Mariana is a great woman and that she understands why her brother wanted to marry her. Adrian reminds her that Mercedes, Mariana’s mother should know that her daughter is in Bogota. Lucia tells him that she will suggest it to her and explains that Mariana is an adult and therefore can not tell her what to do. Adrian then proposes to explain the situation to Mercedes, which Lucia refuses by asking the latter not to interfere.

Mariana joins the couple, meets Adrian, settles in and Lucia hurries on her to kiss her. Adrian still thinks of her own interests and tells Mariana that he is the biggest fan of her mother, hoping that Mariana will give her mother a word about him. Mariana begins asking questions about the couple Adrian/Lucia, whom Adrian answers without worrying about Lucia. The subject of the children passes quickly, Adrian begins explaining that the doctor had said certain things that we won’t know because Lucia cuts it in his speech and makes clear that she doesn’t wish to approach the subject. I understand through this gesture that Lucia is barren and she doesn’t want to talk about it. The scene continues with a smile exchanged between the two women, and the hand of Lucia who comes to join and cling to that of Mariana. The latter proposes a toast, Adrian ambitious, accepts. She gives a toast to the fact “There is always light at the end of the tunnel”. Adrian doesn’t look very pleased, the two women drink, looking at each other heavily what Adrian will break saying “cheers” too.

There are two women in the bathroom, Mariana is the first to speak and addresses the subject of Adrian, Lucia’s husband, whom she had never spoken about him, then she asks her why she is still married because she finds that Adrian is distant with her. Lucia replies that it is a bit complicated and Marianna answers her by asking her if she doesn’t believe that life is too short to be complicated? It’s clear that at this precise moment, the sentence that Mariana tells Lucia is a kind of invitation to tell her to do what she wants to do. It is also very clear that Lucia feels something for Mariana and this is confirmed very quickly since after a look at Mariana, Lucia takes this one by hips and glue against the sink, I am pretty sure that one could have attended the first kiss between the two women if someone hadn’t entered the room and delayed the deadline. The two women burst out laughing, but I don’t know for what reason.

The next scene takes place in the car, Lucia looks at Mariana in the rearview mirror while Adrian drives, Mariana openly mocks the latter by imitating him eat the chewing gum. On arrival at Andres’s apartment, Adrian asks Mariana if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to bring her back to her mother, but she tells him that it’s now her home. At the start of the car, Adrian places his hand on Lucia’s, but she escapes immediately causing the exasperation of Adrian.

The scene continues on the couple at home, Adrian announces that he has a business trip and that he wanted to see her again before his departure because she missed him. He puts his hand on Lucia’s shoulder, but she flees again. Adrian seems a little angry at Lucia and her wish to remain alone and reminds her that she now has Mariana with her. He told her that he had planned to go to “Villa de Leyva” next weekend, but Lucia replied that she didn’t need him at the time. The scene ends with Adrian’s nervousness arranging his stuff.

The action resumes in Andres’s apartment, where Mariana takes the phone wants to call Lucia, but resigns at the last moment. In parallel we see Adrian put a card on the bed, then leave the couple’s apartment. It’s Lucia who will make the decision to call Mariana, and she is the first to say that the other one is missing, what Lucia repeats in regard to Mariana.

The phone rings, wakes Lucia. The latter asks if she will accompany her to her mother to tell her that she’s in Bogota. Lucia agrees, and then hung up she cursed the invention of the phone, she slept rather well. She stretches out and sees the card that Adrian put down earlier in the night, and indicates on the card that he has changed the reservation so that she can go with Mariana. The card says “La casa de Adobe” it wasn’t the “Villa de Leyva”? This maybe a detail, but the two don’t match either I didn’t understand with respect to the reservation, or there is a small mistake that slipped between these two names.

Lucia then prepares her stuff, joins Mariana and drives her to her mother. Mariana looks for her mother who is absent as predicted to Lucia, writes a word and joins Lucia in the car. There follows a little discussion between Lucia and Mariana who loads the stuff in the car and this discussion although very short gives a smile.

Back in the car of Lucia, which rolls quietly. The conversation between the two women continues, Mariana announces to Lucia that she is going to move into Andres’s apartment, Lucia asks if she’s sure to want to live alone in this place, to which Mariana answers “Yes and no” and Lucia amuses herself by pointing out to her, “You don’t even know what you want.” The discussion continues and goes towards a meal, because Mariana says that she dies of hunger, Lucia answers that it is the same thing for her.

So we find the two women in a restaurant, tea room, and Lucia again asks Mariana if she really wants to live here on her own? Mariana tells her life, her childhood. Mariana suggests to Lucia that they move in together. Lucia answers with a smile then drinks a tea, Mariana explains to hier that at the moment it is not good for one as for the other, what Lucia affirms, but Mariana doesn’t let go and asks if it means yes. However, Lucia responded by suggesting that they go together to the “Villa de Leyva” (so I think Villa de Leyva and La Casa de Adobe are the same place, but with different names. Which is strange). Mariana answers with a smile and says it’s a good idea.

And then the two women left to make their little trip to the “Villa de Leyva”/”La casa de Adobe”. Lucia leads the car and Mariana is transient, the first scene in the car is Mariana who takes off her shoes and looks at Lucia without stopping to smile waiting to see the reaction of the latter. Mariana plays with her feet on the dashboard, while Lucia pinches her nose to express that the smell is nauseous, but she smiles while making this gesture, so I think it is mainly a mockery/teasing to Mariana .

The next mini-scene of the trip is a stop in the rain for Mariana who needed to do certain things of humans and when she wants to go up in car Lucia has fun to advance with the car to avoid that Mariana goes up, she does it two times and then the car leaves, always in the rain.

The travel continues, she make a new stop, Mariana comes out of the car and asks a shopkeeper on the road two Kumis. I don’t know what it is, but I think it is milk-based since the drink creates a kind of mustache above Lucia’s lips, which Mariana doesn’t hesitate to make a joke about it.

They leave, continue their travel until arriving at the “Villa de Leyva”/”La casa de Adobe” (the receptionist wears a blouse on which it’s marked “La casa de Adobe”, I really struggle to understand whether there is an inconsistency between the two names). The two women go back to the room, Lucia already knows the way and avoids the company of the receptionist. They cross a magnificent room full of flowers and plants of all kinds. Lucia tells Mariana that they must not forget to smell the roses, but Mariana tells her that there are no roses. Lucia smiles at her, telling her she knows what she means, then stops to find the right key. Mariana takes advantage of Lucia’s decision to pick a yellow flower and give it to Lucia. No words are exchanged during this gesture, but the smiles of the two women speak a lot !

The two young women enter their room, then don’t delay to change to leave bath towel to a thermal bath. They drop their towels one after the other, join hands and then Lucia begins counting down, Mariana continues with her until 3 to that figure they both jump in the thermal bath whose water is a priori frozen according to Mariana’s exclamations. Lucia replies that this is part of the process and Mariana answers that she will pay her, then water it. Mariana begins to swim, but worries about the possible presence of animals in the bath, while Lucia dives in apnea. Mariana worries to haven’t an answer from Lucia then excludes a pain turning Lucia out of the water, she just made a little joke. But Mariana doesn’t like and wants to go out.

Lucia throws herself on Mariana despite all the water that surrounds her and apologizes by placing a first kiss on her cheek. Mariana smiles and gives back her kiss, still on the cheek. The two women look at each other for a moment, smile. Lucia gives a new kiss on the nose or again Mariana’s cheek. Mariana continues kissing Lucia on the chin, then Lucia answers, kissing Mariana on the forehead, taking her face in her hands. But it’s Mariana who breaks the friendly braces and kisses Lucia on the mouth once. Then a second time, longer. Lucia, remains stoically floating and unable to react.

The next scene is the love scene between the two women, I wouldn’t describe the scene out of shame, but the subdued light, the beauty of the bodies, everything is subtly and masterfully filmed by Ana Maria Hermida. Even if it is short in its duration it is probably the most beautiful scene of the film, it is also maybe the most important since it’ss now a moment that we expected. The scene ends on a lake with Lucia swimming inside, and I think it’s always her imagination.

We find the latter who does her little jogging in the morning after a few moments, she falls. She finds a piece of wood that will serve as a cane for a little while. The end of this scene is rather touching, Lucia leaves the meadow where she falled and the camera lingers for a few seconds on her face, crying. But for what reason? Because of her fall? Or because she slept with Mariana?

We now find the two women having breakfast, Mariana stares at Lucia, trying to figure out if Lucia is okay. Mariana asks if Lucia wants to accompany her to town to shop, Lucia answers affirmatively, but seems very distant with Mariana. And that proves when she gives a blow in the cane, then leaves the table saying that she will take a shower.

They are now in a clothing business, Mariana tries a sweater, asks Lucia if she likes it, but the latter is immersed in her thoughts and doesn’t answer. Mariana, exasperated, finally took the sweater and went out of the shop. The two women leave, Lucia still in possession of her makeshift cane.

The two women are now lunching on a bench, back to back. Mariana looks at Lucia and doesn’t understand why she is so distant with her, but I think she understands all the same that it’s because of the events of last night. The scene continues, close-up on the feet of the two young women, the fetishists will be like it ! Then Mariana speaks to Lucia through a noise of straw. Lucia responds to her in the same way, then starts to speak in a very complicated way always through the sounds of straw, Mariana answers her again in the same way. This scene is hilarious, the funniest of all the movie because in reality it isn’t really possible to understand the words expressed through the sounds of straw. I really liked this touch of humor. The scene ends again in close-up on the feet of the two women.

Back in the hotel room, both lying down, Mariana is the first to break the silence that had been established. And apologize to Lucia if she made her feel uncomfortable. Lucia tells her it’s not her fault, and apologizes for being weird all day. She is very confused about their mutual attraction. But Mariana reassures her. After taking Mariana’s hand in hers, Lucia confesses to her that she loved the events of last night. Mariana seems reassured.

The next scene reveals Mariana sick coughing in the bathroom/toilet and who on the way wakes Lucia. Mariana comes out of the bathroom holding her stomach and announces to Lucia that she has vomited twice. Personally I immediately understood why, but I say no more. Lucia immediately takes Mariana and goes to get her a tea.

The next scene takes place in the restaurant of the “Villa de Leyva”/”La casa de Adobe”. Mariana asks a waiter an arepa and a chorizo, but Lucia oposes the request to the waiter and tell to Marian  that it’s better to avoid if she is sick. However Mariana is stubborn and reiterates her request once again, then she asks Lucia if they can pass to the cemetery. Lucia agrees and they are off to Bogota.

The journey is quick and we find the two women in the cemetery where Andres is buried, Mariana tells the grave that they have brought her back to eat, but Lucia corrects her by saying that it is rather Mariana because that she had forgotten how much he liked it. Mariana says she is putting Lucia back on track.

Lucia tells that she has decided to leave Adrian. Mariana answers in the direction of the grave that she didn’t know, but Lucia tells her that she announces it to her and Andres in the same way time. Mariana puts her hand on Lucia’s wrist promises Andres to never leave her alone and then thanks Andres for bringing them together. Lucia puts her other hand on Mariana’s left wrist and she’s the first to say “I love you” (“Te amo”), Mariana replies that she also love her (“Y también te amo”).

Following a small scene of a discussion between Adrian and Lucia on the phone, after some formalities this one asks her if Lucia went to “Villa de Leyva”/”La casa de Adobe”, Lucia responds positively and thanks him. But Lucia tells Adrian that Mariana fell ill, certainly because of something that Mariana would have eaten. Lucia asks Adrian if he can pass, he responds positively.

The next scene is the scene of the beginning of the film, I invite you to return to the beginning of the film to understand the two scenes without interruptions. One understands that somewhere she announced to him all the events that had happened between her and Mariana as if the second part of the film had been entirely an explanation to Adrian on the feelings that Lucia carries towards Mariana.

The next scene was particularly horrible for me the first few seconds, we find Andres dead in his car. Then the time goes up, until a few moments before the accident and before that happens. The camera focuses on Andres, his gaze resting on an object on the passenger seat. The camera then centers on the object in question, a photo of him, Lucia and their father. A photo that we also find at the beginning of the film, but I forgot to talk about. At the beginning of the film, we saw Lucia chisel the same photo. It is interesting to see the links between the scenes of the beginning and the end of the film, they are very related.

The next scene takes us to an apartment, certainly the one that belonged to Andres, and we find all the photographs that we see all along the film, the one cut by Lucia, that of the broken frame found in the car, that of the meeting of Mariana and Andres, but also a photo of Lucia and Mariana.

The final scene takes place first in the bathroom, where Mariana uses a pregnancy test. Then she arrives in the main room where we see Lucia drawing, Mariana put the test on the table. Lucia looks at it and takes a long time to understand that this one is positive. Lucia leaves the chair where she was sitting, first kissing Mariana’s stomach, holding the baby who has not yet pushed, then kissing Mariana several times, very happy.


III / Conclusion


We can imagine the continuation of the film, the two lovers raising the baby from the relationship between Mariana and Andres. It’s also a pity that the film isn’t more interested in the sequel between the two women. What happens to their couple, how they go through the hardships of coming-out, how they raise the child. In short, everything from subject that could make another film, because I found that in the end the relationship between the two women were very, too short. In the description that I give here it is not really realized, but in the film it is about twenty minutes, maybe more.

In short, I really loved the film from beginning to end, the topics tackled and how it is approached. It is really not easy to stage mourning, so once again I would like to congratulate Ana Maria Hermida for her talent. I sincerely hope that she will become a great director, for she clearly has the stuff for me. Don’t be angry with me for describing the scene by scene and what I liked or not because I did it quite naturally, but I think it’s the only movie I would do that.

The big question I keep asking myself is: When do the two women fall in love? I watch the movie several times, and I still can’t find the place where the one understands that she is in love. One could say that it was from the first contact in Andres’s apartment, which I don’t believe. But one could also say that their attraction is revealed throughout the film as the director reminds me, I am perplexed on the subject and would very much like to have an answer to this question.

The themes of the film have touched me personally, be it the road accident, bereavement and homosexuality. I am concerned about almost all, only the death caused by a car accident hasn’t touched me yet, but I experienced it in a very different way and which I don’t prefer to talk about.

There is also about transidentity that concerns me in this film, but here I speak only of myself. The main male characters carry two of my deadnames, one main, the other tertiary. I wouldn’t say more about it, but it was horrible to write and see my old names all the time, I felt like talking about myself before my transition. But I can’t blame the director, she can’t make a film without the deadname of someone in the world, so no I don’t blame her and then how can I? I still appreciate the film, I even ask to see what I said it was a pity not to have seen, a deeper couple relationship between Lucia and Mariana.

Thanks to Ana Maria Hermida for this film and that her brother Javier Alfonso Hermida Silva rests in peace.


Elise Nodel

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